Buffalo Funeral Home Facility

Buffalo, NY is known for its hospitality & welcoming atmosphere. If you reside in Buffalo, you know the community proves this. Our community always comes together to help one another - we are "the City of Good Neighbors'' after all. Lombardo Funeral Home treats Buffalonians in the same manner. Our funeral home & directors welcome you and your loved ones in times where you need grief support and help with funeral arrangements. Whether you are looking into cremation or burial services, our directors are here to assist you in every step of the process. At Lombardo Funeral Home, our mission is to help you through the memorial process after losing a loved one. We want to ensure your loved one is honored in a meaningful and respectful way. If you need assistance with funeral arrangements or other funeral options, contact us today

Our home is yours. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with it; we've worked hard to make our home as warm and as inviting as possible. 

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Our Location


102 Linwood Avenue
(at Summer near Delaware)
Buffalo, NY 14209
Tel: (716) 886-5363
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